Lightning Putters and Approach discs are thicker than drivers with more rounded or blunt profiles that grab the chains and drop in the basket. They are slower and don't fly as far as drivers. They are not only great for confident dependable putting but controlled short drives and mid range shots too.

Lightning Upshot #2 - Standard

The Lightning Standard #2 Upshot is a putt and approach disc. It is a predictable putter and mid range driver. It is good for over 100 yards and still stable as a straight line approach shot. Great beginner disc. Weight ra…


Lightning Putter #2 - Standard

The Lightning Putter #2 - Standard is a putt and approach disc. This disc combines the straight line flight of the Upshot with the stability of the Rubber Putter and it floats in water. Weight range 173-180 gms. All wei…


Lightning ProStyle U-2

The Lightning ProStyle U-2 ProStyle U-2 Upshot Putter  A predictable putter and mid-range driver. This disc golf disc is good for over 100 yards but, it is still stable enough to be used for a straight line approach…