These are the discs that Lightning Golf Discs considers beginner friendly. Lightning understable discs turnover or 'slice' in the direction of the spin. These are the best discs for beginners.

Starting with a light weight, understable, standard plastic mid range driver or multi-purpose disc golf disc is recommended for new players.
* A lighter weight disc is easier to control than a heavier disc and it doesn't have as strong of a tendency to curve left or right.
* Understable discs are the most beginner friendly. They have a tendency to turn right when thrown flat, straight and with average power for right handed back hand (RHBH) throws. It's just the opposite for lefties. Avoid overstable discs until you gain some experience. As you gain experience, you'll want to move on to drivers.
* Standard plastic because it is inexpensive if you lose one.
* Mid range drivers or multi-purpose discs are easier to control than fairway and distance drivers. A player can use one of these to play the entire course.

See more Beginner Information and find other helpful into on the Lightning Flight Chart.

If you still have questions about any discs or would like some advice on what types of discs are best for you, please contact us. We've been in the business since 1987, throwing even longer and we love what we do!

Lightning Driver #1 - Standard

The Lightning Driver #1 - Standard is a very fast maximum distance flyer, maybe even the best overall disc on the market. Lighter weights recommended for beginners can also be used as a roller. The #1 sell…


Lightning Driver #3 - Standard

The Lightning Driver #3 - Standard is a very fast long range flyer with a long straight line glide. It is absolutely awesome with a tailwind. Easy to learn. #3 Driver Specs Max Weight: 185.00 gram Diameter: 22.5 cm Heig…


Lightning Flyer #1 - Standard

The Lightning Flyer #1 - Standard is a maximum distance straight line driver. A variation of the #1 Driver, the slightly broader leading edge lets it fly longer with a tailwind. Lighter weights are great for beginners. #1 …


Lightning Flyer #3 - Standard

The Lightning Flyer #3 - Standard is a long range driver that is perfect for mid to long range straight line drives. It is stable and very predictable. A favorite with advanced players. #3 Flyer Specs: Diameter: 21.2 cm …


Lightning ProStyle D-4

ProStyle D-4  Driver This disc is designed for power-drives and heavy winds, but is stable in the lower weights and almost a Hook shot over 170g. This disc golf disc is recommended for advanced players. Range&nbs…


Lightning Slice #3 - Standard

The Lightning Slice #3 - Standard is a midrange driver. It is a verstile, understable disc that is great for a controlled turnover. It will hold a slice for 90% of its flight saving right handers on left handed holes and vice…


Lightning Upshot #2 - Standard

The Lightning Standard #2 Upshot is a putt and approach disc. It is a predictable putter and mid range driver. It is good for over 100 yards and still stable as a straight line approach shot. Great beginner disc. Weight ra…


Lightning Upshot - Standard

The Lightning Standard Upshot is a putt and approach disc. It is great for straight line approach shots and for putting. It's a must of the critical short game. The Upshot is stable and easy to learn. Great for beginners! …