Innova Disc Golf Discs

History was made when Innova founder, Dave Dunipace, invented the first true disc golf disc in 1983.

Today Innova manufactures golf discs for every situation from the tee to the green on wide-open courses or narrow wooded fairways.

They have a disc for every shot in these lines of plastic:

DX line - least expensive - widest selection of models and weights - excellent grip in all weather situations - breaks in over time.
XT - stands for "Xtra Tough" and "Xtra Traction". This plastic blend has added grip and is super durable, meaning better wear and scuff resistance.
Pro line - provides grip and glide - more durable than DX - less durable, more grip than Champion - most glide - softness varies.
R-Pro - best all weather (rain and cold) grip and flexibility - softer than most pro blends - rubbery material absorbs impacts.
Champion line - ultra-durable - wears slowly retaining flight characteristics - more suitable for more powerful throwers.
Blizzard Champion - micro bubbles allow weights down to 130 grams, retaining original flight characteristics. Under 140 grams float.
Star line - durability of Champion - grippiness of Pro - firm to gummy flexibility.
Echo Star - 50% or more recycled material.
GStar - a blend of Star with more flexibility and more grip. Same durability as Champion, better durability than regular Star.

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We offer many ways to narrow your search to find the best discs to fit your needs. Research all you can and then let us know if you need more help.

Narrow Down Your Search

Innova Destroyer - Star - Prototype Robo XXL Stamp

*There is a limited number of these prototype discs in stock. 1 Blue, 1 Orange, 1 Pink, 2 Purple, and 2 Orange Peach color.  Photos are of the actual disc.  The Innova Star Destroyer is a distance driver that is …


Innova 3 PC Boxed Set - AMWD - Limited

These Innova AMWD 3pc-Sets were given to participants of the Amateur World Doubles, held at Selah Ranch and Trey Deuce TX Ranch, in their Player Packs. BUT.... Never again will these boxes be used and never again will an I…


Innova RocX3 - Champion Proto Star Stamp

This is a first run, proto star stamped Champion RocX3. The Innova Champion RocX3 is an overstable mid range driver. Thirty years after the Roc was launced, along comes Innova's most overstable version yet, the RocX3. They…


Innova Leopard3 - Champion Proto Star Stamp

The Innova Proto Star Stamp Champion Leopard3 is an understable fairway driver. Right out of the box it has a nice controllable turn. It can be thrown smoothly for straighter shots, or harder for more turn. Adjusting the angl…


Innova Groove - Champion Proto Star-Stamp

The Innova Champion Proto Star-Stamp Groove is a Speed 13, wide rim distance driver that is straight. An innovative groove or channel on the underside of the rim allows this driver to be molded in lighter weights than ot…


Innova Aviar3 - Star - Proto Star Stamp

The Innova Proto Star Stamped Star Aviar3 Driving Putter is an overstable putt and approach disc. Innova took their top selling putter and made it into a flat-topped, fierce driving putter. Built for speed and less carry, …


Innova VRoc - Champion Proto Star Stamp

A limited number of Proto Star Stamp Champion VRocs are available. The VRoc has enjoyed some serious pre-release positive press. All weights are heavy. The Innova Champion VRoc is a straight mid range driver with a convex …


Innova Roc - Champion Luster - 30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary Luster Champion Roc - 30 Years & Soaring! Introduced in 1987, the Roc was among the first discs to give players unprecedented control and distance. This legendary bird remains a classic and, as illustr…


Innova Shryke - GStar Proto Star Stamp

This is the Innova Proto Star Stamped GStar Shryke, a First Release stamped Shryke. The Innova Shryke is a stable distance driver disc golf disc. It's an easy to throw, very long range driver for a wide variety of players.…


Innova TeeBird - Star - KJ Nybo Tour Series


Now through 12/20 get 10% off! KJ Nybo Swirly Star Teebird Tour Series Always a class act and a crowd favorite, KJ Nybo has relied on the Star TeeBird to be his fairway driver of choice. This marbled Star TeeBird is rel…


Innova Firebird - Champion Color Glow - Sexton Tour Series


Holiday Special! Get 10% through 12/20 Nate Sexton Champion Color Glow Firebird Tour Series Innova Team Star member Nate Sexton was looking for a reliable Glow Firebird that he could easily find on the course. Innova pr…


Innova Hawg - Champion

The Innova Champion Hawg is a beefy overstable putt and approach disc. This behemoth has a comfortable beaded grip and can handle any head wind with precision control. The pancake-flat flight plate makes it a great sidearm di…


Innova Vulcan - Star, Proto Star Stamped

The Innova Proto Star Stamped Vulcan is an understable distance driver that was designed with the less powerful disc golf players in mind. The Vulcan flies similarly to the Katana with less low speed fade. (The Katana is less…


Innova Whale - XT Proto Star Stamp

Limited number of Proto Star Stamped XT Whales. The Innova XT Whale is a straight disc golf putter and approach disc. The Whale is an Aviar-like Putter that has the stability of the Big-Bead Aviar Driver with nearly the sa…


Innova VCobra, Star - Proto Star

Proto Start Stamp First Release Star VCobra. The Innova Star VCobra is a predictable midrange driver that is overstable. This slightly larger diameter, lower-profile, fast disc has a V-Tec convex outer rim. V-Tec puts more…


Innova Tern - Champion Color Glow - FHO '16

This Innova Champion Color Glow Tern is a fundraiser disc for the 3rd Annual Flint Hills Open, October 15, 2016, at the new disc golf course at the Kanza View picnic area, Council Grove Lake, KS. Available in 165-175 grams. …


Innova Shark 3 - Champion - US Master's

The Innova Champion Shark3 was introduced in MetalFlake featuring a special design to support the US Masters in Burlington, NC, May 2013. The Shark3 is a sleeker Shark mold that is faster. Faster and sleeker than the origi…


Innova Mirage - Star - Proto Star Stamp

This is the Proto Star Stamp, First Run Mirage. The Innova Star Mirage is an understable disc golf putter and approach disc. It was designed for easy control and low stress approaches. The Mirage is a low profile putter th…


Innova Manta - Star

This is the First Run Proto Star Stamp Star Manta. The Innova Star Manta is a stable to understable mid range driver featuring VTech. It has a gentle turn when thrown with power and smooth straight glide when thrown flat w…


Innova Destroyer - Champion Glow - FHO '16

This Innova Champion Glow Destroyer is a fundraiser disc for the 3rd Annual Flint Hills Open, October 15, 2016, at the new disc golf course at the Kanza View picnic area, Council Grove Lake, KS. Available in 165-175 grams. …


Innova Colt - XT, Proto Star Stamp

The Innova XT Proto Star Stamp Colt is a stable putter and approach disc. The Colt is a low profile small diameter disc golf putter and approach disc similar to the XD or Classic Roc. It is a fairly straight flyer that can a…


Innova Colossus - GStar - Proto Star Stamp

This GStar Colossus is a first run Proto Star Stamp. The Innova GStar Colossus is an overstable max distance driver with predictable high speed turn and reliable fade. Although it has a wide rim, it is also relatively easy…


Innova Thunderbird - Champion Icicle

The Icicle Champion Thunderbird was made exclusively for Innova's 2016 Christmas discs. Looking a bit like a frozen lake, these beautiful Thundies will have you debating, throw, or hang! It’s a tough decision, so get two! …


Innova Mystere - GStar - Proto Star Stamp

The Innova Proto Star Stamped GStar Mystere is a beginner friendly understable distance driver. Until now, it was exclusive to Innova's Player Pack Sponsorship Program. Debuting in premium GStar plastic with the “Champion St…


Innova Beast - Champion Dyed - Halloween Discs

The 2017 Halloween season's Innova Pumpkin Discs include the Champion Dyed Beast with various jack-o-lantern, ghost, cat, and skull designs. Get yours before they are gone. Describe the design you want in the Design Option fi…