Innova Disc Golf Discs

History was made when Innova founder, Dave Dunipace, invented the first true disc golf disc in 1983.

Today Innova manufactures golf discs for every situation from the tee to the green on wide-open courses or narrow wooded fairways.

They have a disc for every shot in these lines of plastic:

DX line - least expensive - widest selection of models and weights - excellent grip in all weather situations - breaks in over time.
XT - stands for "Xtra Tough" and "Xtra Traction". This plastic blend has added grip and is super durable, meaning better wear and scuff resistance.
Pro line - provides grip and glide - more durable than DX - less durable, more grip than Champion - most glide - softness varies.
R-Pro - best all weather (rain and cold) grip and flexibility - softer than most pro blends - rubbery material absorbs impacts.
Champion line - ultra-durable - wears slowly retaining flight characteristics - more suitable for more powerful throwers.
Blizzard Champion - micro bubbles allow weights down to 130 grams, retaining original flight characteristics. Under 140 grams float.
Star line - durability of Champion - grippiness of Pro - firm to gummy flexibility.
Echo Star - 50% or more recycled material.
GStar - a blend of Star with more flexibility and more grip. Same durability as Champion, better durability than regular Star.

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We offer many ways to narrow your search to find the best discs to fit your needs. Research all you can and then let us know if you need more help.

Narrow Down Your Search

Innova Ape - DX

The Innova DX Ape is an overstable high speed distance driver with great stability. It's essential for windy conditions as well as sharp doglegs. The Ape is great for powerful backhand and sidearm throws as well as a variety …


Innova Archangel - DX

The Innova DX Archangel is an understable fairway distance driver and one of Innova's easiest to throw for distance, especially for those with less power. The Archangel’s high glide, fast speed and turning characteristic all …


Innova Aviar Classic - DX

The Innova DX Classic Aviar is a beginner friendly straight stable putt and approach disc. It's a beedless Aviar, made with a firm plastic, has a firm grip and is Innova's straightest flying Aviar model from start to finish. …


Innova Aviar Putter - DX - Ice Bowl 2018

This Innova DX Aviar Putter features an Ice Bowl 2018 stamp created by artist John Dorn. There are limited quantities on hand and will not be reproduced when gone. The Innova DX Aviar Putter is a great beginner friendly st…


Innova Aviar Putter - DX - XXL Pumpkin

For Halloween 2018, the Innova DX Aviar Putter comes in a XXL Pumpkin stamp. This XXL-sized foil stamp is the 22nd edition of the Innova Pumpkin. The Innova DX Aviar Putter is a great beginner friendly straight stable putt…


Innova Aviar3 - DX

The Innova DX Aviar3 Driving Putter is an overstable disc golf putter and approach disc. Innova took their top selling putter and made it into a flat-topped, fierce driving putter. Built for speed and less carry, the flat …


Innova Banshee - DX

The Innova DX Banshee is an overstable fairway driver. Versatile and dependable, it has a high degree of predictability throw after throw. Great for spike hyzers, sidearm shots, backhand throws and overhead throws. A very rel…


Innova Beast - DX

The Innova DX Beast is a stable maximum distance driver. Its high glide, high speed, and high speed turn all combine to give longer distance. It is suitable for beginners and pros alike. The Beast is a great choice for maximu…


Innova Birdie - DX

The Innova DX Birdie is a stable putt and approach disc. The Thumtrac grip provides a sure release. This disc golf putter has great chain catching ability. The Birdie is great for approach shots as it flies straight and slowl…


Innova Boss - DX

The Innova DX Boss is an overstable distance driver. Innova's first Speed 13 driver was designed for maximum distance off the tee. It is fast and can handle full power throws and moderate headwinds. Advanced players and sidea…


Innova Cheetah - DX

The Innova DX Cheetah is a straight stable fairway driver and an easy disc to learn. It flies straight for mid to long range shots on narrow fairways for all skill levels. It is a very versatile disc that is predictably stabl…


Innova Cobra - DX

The Innova DX Cobra is a predictable stable to slightly understable mid range driver. This slightly larger diameter disc is an excellent all-around disc that is easy to grip, easy to throw straight and has great glide. This d…


Innova Colt - DX

The Innova DX Colt is a stable putter and approach disc. The Colt is a low profile small diameter disc golf putter and approach disc similar to the XD or Classic Roc. It is a fairly straight flyer that can also perform well …


Innova Dart - DX

The Innova DX Dart is a stable putt and approach disc that is super straight. The Dart is a small diameter disc well suited for all players. The Dart is especially good for long range putts and go-for shots. It has a flight s…


Innova Destroyer - DX

The Innova DX Destroyer is a stable to overstable distance driver. It is a very fast disc golf driver with significant glide. Compared to the Wraith it is faster and has a little more high and low speed stability. The Destroy…


Innova Dragon - DX

The Innova DX Dragon is a straight stable fairway driver that is lightweight and beginner friendly. It has excellent glide for less powerful throwers who want to get more distance with less effort. This disc golf driver is ma…


Innova Eagle - DX

The Innova DX Eagle is a straight stable fairway driver. As Innova's original, professional level disc golf disc, it ushered in a new era for distance and reliability. The Eagle’s superior speed and predictable flight charact…


Innova Firebird - DX

The Innova DX Firebird is an overstable distance driver. It is one of Innova's most popular upwind drivers that works well into a headwind. The Firebird’s combination of superior speed and stability make it possible to throw …


Innova Gator - DX

The Innova DX Gator is an overstable mid range driver. Even in windy conditions, the Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots. This is a great golf driver for mid range shots especially for play…


Innova Katana - DX

The Innova DX Katana is a stable distance driver. It was built with the finesse thrower in mind. It's a recommended downwind driver. If you hit the angle right, watch it bolt out of sight. The physical characteristics of this…


Innova Leopard - DX

Holiday Special! 10% Off 12/12 - 12/16! The Innova DX Leopard is a great beginner friendly understable fairway driver. It should be everyone’s first disc golf driver as it is easy to throw straight and far and has excellen…


Innova Leopard3 - DX

The Innova DX Leopard3 is an understable fairway driver. Right out of the box it has a nice controllable turn. It can be thrown smoothly for straighter shots, or harder for more turn. Adjusting the angle of release of this di…


Innova Manta - DX

The Innova DX Manta is a slightly understable mid range driver featuring VTech. It has a gentle turn when thrown with power and glides smoothly and straight when thrown flat with moderate power. The Manta is a good choice …


Innova Mirage - DX

The Innova DX Mirage is an understable disc golf putter and approach disc. It was designed for easy control and low stress approaches. The Mirage is a low profile putter that is easy for beginners to throw straight. Perfect a…


Innova Orc - DX

The Innova DX Orc is a straight flying stable distance driver with amazing glide and dependable fade. It combines speed with accuracy for very long range, predictable flights. Great for straight ahead power shots and long hyz…