Discraft Disc Golf Discs

Started in 1978 by Jim Kenner, Discraft has built a reputation for quality and consistency in manufacturing Ultimate and disc golf discs. Discraft offers these lines of plastic for disc golf:

Pro D - offers value and quality - least expensive - provides grippy feel - consistent flights
Elite X - more durable - more gripable even wet - excellent memory - great for distance - consistent flights
Elite Z - toughest - most durable - ultra vibrant colors - provides truer flights and reliability
ESP - new in 2006 - advanced polymer - ultra tough and grippy - more durable than X - grippier than Z
New ESP - redesigned in 2018 - advanced plastic technology - improved durability and strength - tackier grip and unique swirl color combos
FLX - best all weather - best grip and durability - flexible but not spongy or floppy - retains stability wet or dry, hot or cold
Ti - highest performance blend - ultra-premium plastic - grip -durability - unique appearance
New Ti - redesigned in 2018 - improved polymer-based composite with additives - greater durability - improved strength and better grip
Z FLX - new in 2016 - combines Z durability with cushioning FLX - great grip and flexibility in all weather.
Z Lite - durability of Z - greater distance potential - unique and superior lightweight blend

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You can also find other Discraft products:
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We offer many ways to narrow your search to find the best discs to fit your needs. Research all you can and then let us know if you need more help.

Narrow Down Your Search

Discraft Buzzz - Pro D

The Discraft Pro-D Buzzz is a straight flying midrange driver with a stability of 0.0 (stable). In comparison, the other types of Buzzzz have a stability of 0.5 (stable/slightly overstable).It has become one of the most popul…


Discraft Banger GT - Pro D

The Discraft Pro-D Banger GT (Groove Top) is a slightly overstable putt & approach disc with a stability rating of 1.0. It delivers consistency and confidence with every release. Great for forehand shots as well as backha…


Discraft Avenger SS - Pro D

The Discraft Pro D Avenger SS is a slightly overstable maximum distance driver with a stability of 0.5. Discraft took the best aspects of the Avenger, its speed and glide, and flatted the edge. The result is a disc golf drive…


Discraft Thrasher - Z Big

The Discraft Elite Big Z Thrasher is an understable maximum distance driver (0.4). This disc golf driver is very fast but not flippy. It responds like lightning to average arm speeds and is very forgiving of release problems.…


Discraft NUKE - Z Big

The Discraft Big Z NUKE is a moderately overstable maximum distance driver (1.6). This high performance disc is a game changer! The wide, heavy rim and refined aerodynamic engineering give the NUKE a huge distance advantage a…


Discraft Mantis - Z Big

The Discraft Big Z Mantis is a slightly overstable maximum distance driver (0.8). The Mantis is lightweight and domey with a lower profile to the nose. This makes it even more controllable at medium to slower speeds while del…


Discraft Heat - Z Big

The Discraft Big Z Heat is a stable maximum distance driver (0.0). This disc golf driver offers the most promising distance for developing players! The Heat has been hailed as a breakthrough for its ability to deliver bi…


Discraft Comet - Z Big

The Discraft Big Z Comet is a super accurate, straight flying, stable mid range approach disc (0.0). It holds whatever line you throw it on. Great fun for night disc golf. The Comet was crucial to Ron Russell's Pro Worlds dis…


Discraft Buzzz - Z Big

The Discraft Big Z Buzzz is a straight flying stable to slightly overstable (0.5) mid range driver. In comparison, the Pro D Buzzz has a stability of 0.0 (stable). It has become one of the most popular discs of all time. This…


Discraft Zombee - Z Big

The Discraft Big Z Zombee is an overstable utility fairway driver (1.0) making it easy to throw and control for a majority of disc golfers. This disc golf driver is a great mix of the Buzzz and Stalker. Like its namesake, the…


Discraft Starter Set - 3 Disc Set

The Discraft 3 Disc Set contains the essentials you need to play the game of disc golf:  a driver, a mid range and a putter-approach disc. This set is great gift for any player and it takes the guessing out of what di…