Enjoy these stock SuperColor designs on the Buzz, Spectra and Surge as well as custom designs for various fundraisers.

Discraft offers you the ability to customize your own fun, lush, full color designs. From photos to stunning graphics, SuperColor discs can be used for tournament fundraising, special events, corporate groups and any other promotions. Just for fun! Contact us for more info.

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Discraft Buzzz - ESP SuperColor - Ice Bowl 2018

This Discraft ESP SuperColor Buzzz features an Ice Bowl 2018 logo created by artist John Dorn. There are limited quantities on hand and will not be reproduced when gone. The Discraft ESP SuperColor Buzzz is a straight flyi…


Discraft Buzzz - Full Foil SuperColor

This Discraft Full Foil SuperColor Buzzz features a Chains design in Prism, Sparkle, or Star foils. Available in Blue, Green, or Pink. No weight options available. The Discraft Full Foil SuperColor Buzzz is a straight flyi…


Discraft Spectra - Z SuperColor PhaZe 5

The Discraft Elite Z Spectra SuperColor PhaZe 5 is an overstable maximum distance driver (1.0). The Spectra is super fast, easy to control and delivers more distance with less arm speed. This downwind driver comes exclusively…


Discraft Zone - SuperColor - 10 Year Anniversary

This Discraft SuperColor Zone features artwork by Brian Allen. This 10 Year Anniversary Edition celebrates a decade of one of the world's most popular golf discs. With just over 3000 made, you don’t want to miss out on one of…