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Latitude 64º

Latitude 64° manufactures disc golf discs in their own factory in the north of Sweden. Discs are designed by PDGA Hall of Fame member Tomas Ekström in co-operation with local European Champions.

The passion for the sport of disc golf is always in the forefront of everything Latitude 64° manufactures as well as the determination to offer a wide variety of products that suit all types of players, from the fledgling newbie to the avid professional.

Latitude offers discs in these plastics:
Zero - soft and grippy for a great feel, used for putters and approach discs.
Opto - most durable plastic in translucent colors, withstands severe punishment and extreme conditions better than other plastics.
Opto Air - lighter weight Opto plastic with 'airy' material centered in middle of rim and over the top.
Opto Moonshine - your flashlight or other strong light source charges up the glow properties of this plastic so you can play when the moon does'nt shine.
Gold - durable and grippy premium blend of Opto and a different polymer for better grip.
Frost - works better in cold conditions, soft in warm conditions, offers a sticky, grippier feel compared to Opto, takes a beating over a long period of time.
2K - overmold discs using two materials instead of one with overlap between the flight plate and rim. First phase is Opto-G, Opto plate and Gold rim.

In 2018 Latitude 64° updated their flight ratings. Please note that some discs may not display the current flight ratings.

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Latitude 64 DG Luxury E4 Disc Golf Backpack Latitude 64 DG Luxury E4 Disc Golf Backpack
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Latitude DG Luxury E4 Disc Golf Backpack Bag. Latitude 64 takes disc golf gear seriously. And if you take disc golf seriously, this is the bag for you. The DG Luxury Backpack is made to carry approximately 20 discs, but it can carry 30 if all compartments are used for discs. They have placed the put..
Latitude 64 Slim Disc Golf Bag is the bag for players who want something good-looking and functional to put a smaller number of discs in.Features: * Holds up to 8 discs * Made out of durable nylon fabric * Drink holder * Comfortable shoulder strap * Large zipper pocket to store valuables *..
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