Westside Pine - VIP

The Westside VIP Pine is an overstable midrange driver. It has a perfect combination of stability an..

Westside Fortress - VIP

The Westside VIP Fortress is an overstable fairway driver with a combination of speed, control, and ..

Westside Ahti - VIP

The Westside VIP Ahti is an overstable fairway driver which is extremely useful for spike hyzers, fl..

Westside World - VIP and VIP Air

The Westside VIP and VIP Air World is a speed 14 overstable distance driver for big arms. The VIP..

Westside Warship - VIP

The Westside VIP Warship is a stable midrange driver with lots of glide. PDGA approved. Wars..

Westside Underworld - VIP

The Westside VIP Underworld is an understable distance driver for beginners that combines glide with..

Westside Tursas - VIP

The Westside VIP Tursas is an understable midrange driver that has outstanding control for unhyzers...

Westside Sword - VIP

The Westside VIP Sword is a long stable/overstable distance driver with lots of glide and accuracy. ..

Westside Stag - VIP

The Westside VIP Stag is a stable distance driver that is precise and reliable.  It has a strai..

Westside Sorcerer - VIP and VIP Air

The Westside VIP Sorcerer is a straight high speed distance driver that is suitable for all skill le..

Westside Sling - VIP

The Westside VIP Sling is an overstable distance driver that will give easy distance for a..

Westside Seer - VIP

The Westside VIP Seer is an understable fairway driver with good glide and ..

Westside Queen - VIP

The Westside VIP Queen has the same qualities as that of a King, just in a smaller package. This Que..

Westside Northman - VIP

The Westside VIP Northman is a straight, steady, reliable distance driver that delivers consistent r..

Westside Longbowman - VIP

The Westside VIP Longbowman is an overstable fairway driver. With great speed and glide, this small ..

Westside King - VIP and VIP Air

The Westside VIP King is a slightly overstable distance driver that is fast and good for ultimate d..

Westside Hatchet - VIP and VIP Air

The Westside VIP or VIP Air Hatchet is a stable fairway driver. It fits any hand, is very controllab..

Westside Harp - VIP

The Westside VIP Harp is a straight putter and approach disc. It is designed to withstand any type o..

Westside Giant - VIP and VIP Air

The Westside VIP Giant is a fast overstable long-range driver for big arms. Its flight characteristi..

Westside Destiny - VIP

The Westside VIP Destiny is an overstable distance driver. It has undeniable speed and glide for dis..

Westside Catapult - VIP

The Westside VIP Catapult is an overstable distance driver. It is a super-high speed disc golf disc ..

Westside Boatman - VIP

The Westside VIP Boatman is an overstable distance driver that has a very good glide and control. Go..

Westside Bard - VIP

The Westside VIP Bard is an overstable midrange driver. Speed 5, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 3 ..

Westside Shield - Tournament

The Westside Tournament Shield is a stable to slightly overstable disc golf putter and the next..

Westside Fortress - Tournament

The Westside Tournament Fortress is an overstable fairway driver with a combination of speed, contro..