DGA Tremor - ProLine

The DGA ProLine Tremor is an understable midrange. It has amazing glide and offers buttery straight ..

DGA Tremor - ProLine John Dorn First Flight

DGA features the Limited Edition John Dorn designed artwork on this First Flight version of the Trem..

DGA Undertow - ProLine

The DGA Proline Undertow is an understable fairway driver that was designed for increased control. T..

DGA AfterShock - SP Line

The DGA SP Line Aftershock is a stable to slightly overstable midrange driver golf disc. It is a les..

DGA Hurricane - SP Line

The DGA Hurricane - SP Line is a maximum distance driver, stable and great for players of all skill ..

DGA Reef - SP Line

The DGA SP Line Reef is a slightly understable putter and approach that evolved from the revolutiona..

DGA Rogue - SP Line

The DGA SP Line Rogue is a maximum distance driver that combines both control and distance, while ma..

DGA Squall - SP Line

The DGA SP LineSquall is a revolutionary midrange driver that is slightly understable. It features a..

DGA Torrent - SP Line

The DGA SP Line Torrent is an overstable high speed distance driver that is controllable at high spe..

DGA Undertow - SP Line

The DGA SP Line Undertow is an understable fairway driver that was designed for increased control. T..

DGA Starter Bags

The DGA Disc Golf Starter bags have quality and durability needed for an everyday disc golf bag. ..

DGA Starter Set - Beginner 3 Piece Set - RDGA

This DGA 3 piece Beginner Set consists of an RDGA Rogue driver, RDGA Squall midrange and RDGA Reef d..

DGA Gel-Strapz

DGA Gel-Strapz are back by popular demand. This new version features two color options, the original..

DGA Mach Baskets Number Plate Conversion Kit

The DGA Number Plates can be added to the DGA Mach New II, DGA Mach V and Discraft Chainstar disc go..

DGA Mach II In Ground Installation Kit

The DGA Mach II In Ground Conversion kit offers the Mach II Portable basket to be converted for perm..

DGA Starter Set - Pro 3 Piece Set - ProLine

The DGA ProLine 3pc Starter Set is perfect for experienced players or beginners looking for a profes..

DGA Starter Set - Complete Set - Discs & Bag

The DGA Complete Starter Set makes it easier than ever to start playing disc golf. It includes the D..

DGA Elite Shield Disc Golf Bags

The DGA Elite Shield Disc Golf Bags features a hard case protective "Shield Pocket" that will keep y..

DGA Mach Basket Blades

DGA Basket Blades are designed to add visibility and branding potential to your DGA Disc Pole Holes...

DGA Steady Ed Commemorative Ultimate Disc

“Steady” Ed Memorial Discs – Lines of Headrick Memorial Freestyle Disc “The Lines of Headrick” me..

DGA Basket - Mini Pole Hole

The DGA Mini Basket is a fun miniature basket to play with in your home or back yard using golf weig..

DGA M-14 - Portable Disc Golf Basket


DGA is sponsoring a Pre-Holiday Sale of the M-14. They have lowered the MSRP and allowed this incred..

DGA Mach Lite - Portable

The DGA Mach Lite is a full size collapsible basket that has a folding upper chain assembly, folding..

DGA Steady Ed Commemorative Golf Discs - Set (APX/XL)

“Steady” Ed Memorial Discs – Disc Golf Driver and Putter set The “Steady” Ed Memorial Disc’s grap..

DGA Mach II Portable

The DGA Mach II Portable disc golf basket is free standing and portable. It has a round metal b..