Millennium Sentinel MF - Sirius

The Millennium Sirius Sentinel MF (Midrange Fade) is an overstable mid range driver. The Sentinel MF..

Millennium Sirius Quasar - M-Color - FHO '14

This Millennium M-Color Sirius Quasar is a fundraiser disc for the Inaugural Flint Hills Open, ..

Millennium Sirius Scorpius Bottom Stamp - M-Color - FHO

This Millennium M-Color Sirius Scorpius Bottom Stamp is a fundraiser Disc for the Flint Hills O..

Millennium Starter Set - Disc Golf Bag and Discs

The Millennium Disc Golf Starter Set begins with the Fade Gear Lite Bag and three Millennium Golf Di..

Millennium T-Shirt - Vintage Ultra Thin Cotton Gray - Unisex

An unbelievably soft, ultra-thin Tee Shirt. Screen printed on chest with Millennium Golf Disc's logo..

Millennium T-Shirt - Vintage Ultra Thin Cotton Red - Ladies

Screen printed with a "Vintage" look, this ultra thin T-shirt might be the softest shirt you'll ever..

Millennium T-Shirt - Vintage Ultra Thin Cotton Red - Men's

Screen printed for a "Vintage" look. This might be the softest T-Shirt you'll ever wear. - by Ame..

Millennium Towel

Millennium disc golf towels are high quality 100% cotton made of thick sheared velour terry with dob..

Millennium - Hyzer Bomb Flak4

The Millennium Edition - Hyzer Bomb Flak4 disc golf backpack is a tour-ready bag utilizing an upper ..