Millennium Sentinel MF - Sirius

The Millennium Sirius Sentinel MF (Midrange Fade) is an overstable mid range driver. The Sentinel MF..

Millennium Astra - Standard M-Color - FHO '14

This Millennium M-Color Astra is a fundraiser disc for the Inaugural Flint Hills Open, 201..

Millennium Astra - Standard M-Color Sunset

The Millennium Standard M-Color Astra is an ultra long range driver - Long Drift - understable. This..

Millennium Orion LF - Sirius Dyed

The Millennium Sirius Dyed Orion LF (Long Fade) is a distance driver with moderate fade (overstabili..

Millennium Orion LS - Sirius Dyed

The Millennium Sirius Dyed Orion LS (Long Straight) is a distance driver that is straight (stable). ..

Millennium Orion LS - Sirius Dyed Flag Designs

These Millennium Sirius Orion LS are beautifully dyed with American Flag Designs. No two are exactly..

Millennium Scorpius - Sirius Dyed

The Millennium Sirius Dyed Scorpius is a high speed ultra-long range fade driver that is overstabl..

Millennium Quasar - Sirius - M-Color - FHO '14

This Millennium M-Color Sirius Quasar is a fundraiser disc for the Inaugural Flint Hills Open, ..

Millennium Scorpius - Sirius Bottom Stamp - M-Color - FHO

This Millennium M-Color Sirius Bottom Stamp Scorpius is a fundraiser Disc for the Flint Hills Open. ..

Millennium Performance Tee Shirts - Unisex

Millennium Performance T's are screen printed with Millennium logo on the front left chest and acros..

Millennium Aurora MS - Quantum Dyed (QMS Dyed)

The Millennium Quantum Dyed Aurora MS is a mid range driver - Straight - Stable, and possibly the tr..

Millennium Hoodie - Tailgate Pullover

The Millennium Tailgate Pullover Hoodie provides comfort, warmth and style! Party hardy, but safely,..

Millennium Sentinel MF - Quantum Glow, Steve Brinster Commemorative Edition

The Millennium Quantum Glow Sentinel MF - Steve Brinster Commemorative Edition (Midrange Fade) is an..

Kastaplast Performance Tee Shirts

Kastaplast Performance Tee Shirt ..

Prodigy Backpack Bag - BP-3

The Prodigy BP-3 Backpack Bag is smaller and lighter weight than the BP-1 making it great for casual..

Fossa - Zoma

The Fossa Zoma is a small, light-carry disc golf bag that is ideal for casual or quick rounds. It's ..

This Millennium Premium Zip Hoodie is made with premium heavyweight fabric with generous specs and q..

Fossa - Tana Backpack

The Fossa Tana Disc Golf Backpack holds 24 drivers or 18-20 assorted discs. It has a three layer she..

Latitude 64 Easy Go Backpack Bag

The Latitude Easy Go Backpack Bag is a lightweight backpack and an alternative to larger premium bac..

Fossa - Tana Pro Backpack

The Fossa Tana Pro Disc Golf Backpack holds 24 drivers or 18-20 assorted discs. It has a three layer..

Millennium - Hyzer Bomb Flak4

The Millennium Edition - Hyzer Bomb Flak4 disc golf backpack is a tour-ready bag utilizing an upper ..

Latitude 64 DG Luxury E2 Backpack Bag

The Latitude DG Luxury E2 Bag backpack is made to carry approximately 20 discs but can be made to ca..

Latitude 64 DG Luxury E3 Backpack - SockiBomb

The Latitude DG Luxury E3 Sockibomb Backpack Bag commemorates the 2016 World Champion, Ricky Wysocki..

Hyzer Bomb - Millennium FlakX

The Hyzerbomb FlakX backpack, a brother to the Flak4, is a tour-ready backpack that rivals any bag o..