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Dynamic Discs

In 2012, Dynamic Discs became a new brand in the business. Their discs are designed and manufactured by the reputable Latitude 64°in Sweden. Discs are produced in these plastics:

Classic - perfect blend of tackiness and firmness for players looking for a stiff golf disc.
Classic Soft - when feel and grip are the most important.
Classic Super Soft - incredibly flexible and absorbs impact.
Prime - excellent feel, great grip, most affordable disc for trying the sport.
Lucid - durable and translucent blend that takes a beating, maintains original flight characteristics for many rounds of disc golf.
Lucid Air - micro bubbles added to make the discs lighter.
Fuzion - combines the durability of Lucid with additional grip, non-transparent and slightly more overstable than the Lucid.
BioFuzion - recycled Lucid and Fuzion plastics.
Fluid - offers more flexibility, grip and control especially in colder weather.

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