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Discraft Banger GT - Putter Line

Discraft Banger GT - Putter Line

The Discraft Putter Line Banger GT (Groove Top) is a slightly overstable putt & approach disc (1.0). It delivers consistency and confidence with every release. Great for forehand shots as well as backhand. It's overstable enough to handle a headwind, and is favored by players who putt on a hyzer. This disc golf putter won't turn over on long approaches, won't skip on fast greens. Tuck your thumb in and feel the Groove Top™ difference.

It is a great choice for grip and hyzer putts. The GT grip delivers consistent releases. It's slightly overstable for hyzer or wind putts.

What others have said:

"Hands down the best putter/upshot disc I have ever owned. Perfect stability. Hardly any glide so I can put it right on the pole for upshots and no fly-by worries when I putt. I keep a few in my bag at different stages of newness. You owe it to yourself to try one of these, you will not regret it." - David Cox
"This putter is a great disc for driving. I have gotten a few throws with it out to 370 or more. The Groove Top really feels great when trying to get a little extra out of the drive. Flies dead straight with a little fade at the end. Almost always lands flat with no skip. Great for fast greens where a skip could mean trouble." - Shane Seal
"I am loving this new putter. The Banger-GT is a fun-to-throw putter that feels perfect in my hand. I love the flight path, and the way it holds a line upwind. The grippiness of the plastic is also a plus, especially in the midwest winter." - Barrett White
"When I first held this disc I couldn't figure out whether it was brilliant or nutsy. Then I thought, 'Hey, that's what people think of me!' So I tried it and now it is in the bag for good. I love the thumb groove for that 'lived-in' feel right out of the box. Give this disc a try and you will see how easy it is to throw and control on a great straight line." - Scott Papa

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