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Mint Goat - Eternal

Mint Goat - Eternal

The Mint Eternal Goat is an over stable distance driver jumps out of the hand fast, holds on to your line, and then reliably fades forward. This run brings the beef! With a "generally" flatter profile(not all), this run had its flight numbers changed. We've changed the Turn from -1 to 0, and the Fade from 3 to 4(now 0/4). This makes it a great compliment to all the previous runs of the Des Reading Apex and the Nocturnal Glow. If you wanted a longer Phoenix and big Headwind fighter, this is it!

Speed 12, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 4

Apex plastic- is designed for top of the line grip without sacrificing durability. This blend has slightly more glide helping it to carry forward. Apex typically comes in a wide array of opaque colors. White(or any light color) Apex is also their recommended color if you want to add your own tie-dye to your discs.

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