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DGA Hurricane - SP Line

DGA Hurricane - SP Line
DGA Hurricane - SP Line
DGA Hurricane - SP Line
DGA Hurricane - SP Line
DGA Hurricane - SP Line

The DGA Hurricane - SP Line is a maximum distance driver, overstable and great for players of all skill levels. The Hurricane was designed for players looking to add more distance to their driving game. It is the furthest flying and fastest high speed disc in the DGA line up. It offers amazing glide that helps beginners and those with slower arm speeds get some of their longest drives ever! You’ll find this wide rim disc effortless to control compared to other wider rim discs. It feels great as you release.

Main features - highest performance maximum flight driver, incredibly powerful, supremely controllable, extremely fast, Increased glide, comfortable wide rim, super grip, super durable ProLine plastic.

The Hurricane in the SP Line plastic is more over stable and slightly faster than the ProLine model. To put it bluntly, the SP Line Hurricane is a beast, and perfect for predictable max distance or fighting strong head winds. The SP Line Hurricane will also take a little longer to break in, but will last a lifetime due to its premium plastic blend. The Hurricane was first released in ProLine plastic as a fundraiser for the 2011 PDGA Pro World Championships held in Santa Cruz, California.

Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 2
21.1 cm diameter. Rim Width 2.3 cm. Rim Depth 1.2 cm.

ProLineStraight150 Class-175g
SP LineStraight165-175g

Is it beginner friendly? "It is a beginner friendly high speed driver that is almost at neutral stability, so yes and no. If it is a person who has never played before, then no, the Hurricane is not a good beginner disc, just as any high speed anything. But if it is a player who has played a few times and is just getting into high speed stuff, then yes, the Hurricane is considered a good starter disc." - Nick Maffei

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