Discraft Disc Golf Baskets

Discraft Chainstars are great baskets and very similar to the DGA Mach V. Discraft commissions DGA to manufacture the Chainstars and DGA, the company whose founder invented the disc golf basket, knows baskets!!!

What makes the Chainstar different from the Mach V is the chain configuration. See the product info below for details. If you like the DGA Mach baskets, you will like the Chainstar. All are top quality baskets. Chainstars are shipped from MI and DGA baskets are shipped from CA. If shipping rates are a concern, it may make more sense to order Chainstars if you are in the Eastern 1/2 of the country. Discraft offers a ‘Buy 18 and get one FREE Basic’ (per course).

Chainstars are available in three versions:

  • Basic - cements into ground for permanent placement.
  • Removable - an anchor cements into ground, locking collar holds basket in the anchor allowing the basket to be removed for alternate pin placement or storage.
  • Stand Alone - has a round base with wheel for portability.

See the Discraft baskets in our heavy baskets comparison videos and read the product descriptions. Contact us if you have questions, want multiple baskets rates or accurate shipping quotes since unfortunately, the shopping cart will not calculate the shipping correctly for baskets with poles. Thanks!

Discraft ChainStar - Basic

The Discraft ChainStar™ Basic disc golf basket is permanent and not removable. Since it concretes straight away into the ground, it cannot be easily removed. It includes the top chain assembly, the Trapper basket and a mounti…


Discraft ChainStar - Portable

The Discraft ChainStar™ Stand Alone disc golf basket is free standing and portable. It has a round metal base with an integrated industrial strength wheel that makes moving it around a breeze. Great for back yards, temporary …


Discraft ChainStar - Removable

The Discraft Chainstar Removable disc golf basket is permanent and removable. An anchor (installation tube) with an attached locking tab is cemented directly into the ground. The pole with an attached locking collar fits into…


Discraft Chainstar Lite - Portable

Discraft Chainstar Lite - Portable is an affordable basket that was specifically created to meet official PDGA basket specifications. It's one tough portable! The 24 chain configuration consists of 12 inner and 12 outer he…