Innova 4 PC Starter Set - Discs and Disc Golf Bag

MSRP: $44.99

Our Price: $40.00

This Innova Disc Golf Starter Set begins with the Innova Starter Bag and three Innova DX Discs including a driver, midrange and putter.

The Innova Starter Bag features:
* Holds up to 12 golf discs
* Water resistant with reinforced bottom
* Adjustable shoulder strap, not padded
* Right side has mesh bottle holder (up to 24 oz.) with elastic band
* Front has 1 zippered pocket behind a mesh putter pocket
* Interior is divided into 2 compartments
* Available in red/charcoal and blue/light gray
The Innova Disc Golf Discs include:
* The Innova DX Sidewinder - a fast Distance Driver especially for those with less power. It is a great choice for a good first driver, roller disc, tailwind driver, narrow woods driver, tailwind drives, downhill distance, and long turnover drives.
* The Innova DX Skeeter - a Mid Range Driver with a straight flight and slight, dependable fade. It is Innova's best all around golf disc, easy to throw and very beginner friendly. It makes drives, approaches, and putts dependably and accurately. It is a great choice for stable straight shots, approaches, placement shots, and putting.
* The Innova XD - a Putt & Approach disc with straight flight characteristics, easy to grip, release and control. It is useful for putts, drives and approach shots making it a great choice for an all-around disc, tight wooded shots, short to medium range rollers and turnover approaches. Very beginner friendly!
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