Disc Golf Accessories

Find many disc golf accessories for playing the game and showing your love for the sport.

We carry disc golf bag straps, stools, minis to mark your lie, the Golden Retriever for snatching discs out of the water and more. Keep your hands and discs dry with a towel, birdie bag and tite grip. Further accessorize yourself with Beacon lights and LED disc golf lights to play night disc golf, can koozies, license plates, license plate holders, rule books, stickers, decals and more from Innova, Discraft, Disc Player, DGA, PDGA, Nite Ize and others. Check out the array of instructional and entertaining DVD's.

Narrow Down Your Search

MVP Nano Mini Marker

The MVP Nano is a mini disc suitable for playing mini disc golf or as a marker in competitive disc golf. It bears the same premium quality, aesthetics, and high production standards as their golf discs in half the diameter. M…


Discraft Mini Marker - Super Color

The Mini-Star™ is a tiny version of the Ultra-Star™, and flies great! Stock versions available SuperColor™ designs including Spectra designs, the "Eagle" and "Yin Yang". They may be customized in Custom SuperColor™ for specia…


Disc Player Decals

Disc Player Decals identifiy your passion for Disc Golf. Available as Right-handed or Left-handed player. White and Yellow usually on hand. Request other colors and we will see if we can get it for you.   Sizes:…


Vibram Mini

Use these soft Vibram Mini Markers to mark your lie, toss around for fun or play mini disc golf. …


Millennium Iron-On Patch

Millennium Iron-On Patch - about 4" wide x 1" tall. Ideal for bag or jacket. …


Innova Can Cooler


Discraft Iron On Buzzz Patch

This Buzzz Iron On Patch is not available anywhere else! It is available in 2 colors: Black/White and White/Black It measures approximately 3.5" x 3.5".   …


Discraft Decals - "Buzzz'

These high-quality, five year, EXTERIOR vinyl decals are perfect for business windows and every disc golf vehicle. Small Buzzz decal - 4.75" x 6.5"   White.   …


Birdie Bags

The Birdie Bag has become a staple in disc golf. Grip, touch and feel are very essential in the game. Perspiration or a wet golf disc can wreak havoc with your throw. Birdie bags are the solution. These cloth bags are fil…


Innova Sticker - 16pc Sticker Sheet

Innova 16pc Sticker Sheet - an 8" x 10" sheet of 16 unique UV resistant vinyl stickers. You will find many uses for these disc golf accessories. …


Innova Iron-On Roc Patch

Innova Roc Iron-on Patch - about 4" tall x 3.5" wide. Ideal for bag or jacket. Order while supplies last. …


Innova Iron-On Air Force Patch

Innova Air Force Iron-on Patch - about 3.75" tall x 3.5" wide. Ideal for bag or jacket. Order while supplies last. …


Innova Iron On Innova Patch

Innova Iron-on Patch - about 5" long x 2" tall Die cut lettering, black border, white 'Innova' lettering, yellow 'disc golf' lettering and red 'disc'. Iron-on, no sewing. …


Innova Decals - Vinyl

Innova Vinyl Decals - 7 3/4" X 2 1/2". Not just a sticker. Apply to outside of window or other surface. Sticky material on back of decal. …


Discs Unlimited Carabiner


Beacon Light - Single Pack

The Beacon Disc Golf Lights - Enjoy disc golf after dark! Tape the light to the top or bottom of any disc and you're ready to tear up the course for a game of night golf! Beacon Light Measures about 1.25" long by about 1/…


PDGA Disc Golf Rule Book and Competition Manual

The PDGA Official Rule Book addresses equipment, rules of play, player conduct and more. The PDGA Competition Manual addresses tournament procedures, division qualification and player code of conduct. …


Innova Keychain

The Innova Keychains are 3.5" oval embossed rubber tags. The swivel hook, attached to chain, clips easily onto a beltloop or any other loop or ring. Keep your keys ready and secure. Colors are black and yellow. …


Millennium Koozie


Millennium Decals - Vinyl

Millennium Vinyl Decals - 10" x 2". Not just a sticker. Apply to outside of window or other surface. Sticky material on back of decal. …


Discs Unlimited Koozie

Use these DU Koozies to keep your drinks cool. …


DGA Mini Marker

Use DGA Mini Markers to mark your lie. A necessary accessory for tournament play. …


Millennium Puck Expansion Rings

An expansion ring for your Millennium Puck increases the storage capacity by about 3/8" each. It connects the mini driver to the mini putter.  Please note that matching same color Pucks provide the best locking seal. …


Innova Mini Marker - Glow

Innova Mini Markers are used to mark your lie. The use of mini markers is required in tournament play. They are also fun to throw and to use for mini disc golf. The Glow Minis glow great and can be charged before you th…