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Find many disc golf accessories for playing the game and showing your love for the sport.

We carry disc golf bag straps, stools, minis to mark your lie, the Golden Retriever for snatching discs out of the water and more. Keep your hands and discs dry with a towel, birdie bag and tite grip. Further accessorize yourself with Beacon lights and LED disc golf lights to play night disc golf, can koozies, license plates, license plate holders, rule books, stickers, decals and more from Innova, Discraft, Disc Player, DGA, PDGA, Nite Ize and others. Check out the array of instructional and entertaining DVD's.

Discraft Towel - Microfiber
Out Of Stock
Brand: Discraft
Discraft Microfiber Towel - 15" x 15" with grommet at corner. Necessary disc golf accessories...
Brand: DGA
Back in stock, larger size.The DGA Disc-Dri disc golf towel is the ideal towel for drying off your wet discs. It is super absorbent soaking up to 4 times its weight and wrings out almost completely dry. You can even keep it in your pocket. Light weight and as durable as it is compact with new la..
Brand: Fade Gear
Fade Gear Backpack WeatherGaurd Straps - AVAILABLE IN BLACK ONLY!FADE Gear offers a solution to carrying your bag in fair and rainy weather. These suspenders, straps, harness, whatever... will hold your Fade Gear Tourney Bag or any other tournament-sized bag comfortably with plenty of adjustment..
Brand: Millennium
Millennium Sticker - 3.75" x 7.25". Fun disc golf accessories!..
Brand: Millennium
Millennium Bumper Sticker - 11.25" x 3" - great disc golf accessories!..
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