Innova Ultimate - Reacreational - Dog Discs

Innova Ultimate frisbees and recreational discs are made for playing games where throwing and catching are involved. Enjoy these discs in the game of Ultimate or for your next game of catch at the beach, the park or in your backyard.

The Pulsar is designed and approved for use as an ultimate frisbee in the game of Ultimate as well as Goaltimate.

The Super Nova features Thumtrac technology that provides stability and grip on breezy beach days.

Both are excellent as a freestyle frisbee. These discs will provide fun and enjoyment throw after throw.

Hero Discs are designed for disc dog sports. The SuperHero dog frisbee is virtually indestructible. They work great as a warm up throw and catch disc before rounds of disc golf. They are also great for disc golf Super Class or a friendly game of catch.

Hero SuperStar Dog Frisbee

The Hero Disc SuperStar is made in the USA in conjunction with the master molders at Innova Champion Discs. These K-9 Candy discs feature puncture and bite resistant champion plastic in a wide range of vivid eye catching tran…


Innova Pulsar

The Innova Pulsar has been named the Official Disc of the Major League Ultimate. The Pulsar recently underwent a complete redesign with a new mold and new composition. MLU has eight teams competing on the East and West coast…