BT plastic properties:

  • Great flight characteristics, exactly as good as VIP and Tournament plastics
  • Novice players may feel it easier to grip than the other plastics
  • More economical compared to high-end VIP and Tournament plastics
  • Durability is not as good as high-end plastics

Models may be available in:

  • BT Hard plastic - designed to give players that firmer feel while maintaining a tacky grip. Great for warm climates, it holds its shape and is extremely durable. Putters and mid ranges are available in the BT Hard and will give you that consistent fast release you get from stiffer plastics. Try the BT Hard and increase your consistency immediately.
  • BT Medium plastic - is for all conditions. It has a tacky grip, great durability and feels fantastic in your hand. In the cold it will still have some give; in the heat it will still hold its shape. Putters and mid ranges are all about feel. BT plastic is designed for comfort.
  • BT Soft plastic - designed to feel good in your hand. Using a blend of rubbers and polymers has given it a smooth texture and a great grip. Rain, snow, or shine, BT soft will provide that consistent release. Used to mold putters and approach discs, BT Soft feels good on any day and holds great lines.
  • BT Megasoft plastic - when BT Soft isn't enough, Megasoft is the answer. It's the best grip to stick in the chains. If it hits the ground it stops with minimal skip.

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Westside Shield - BT Hard, Med, Soft

The Westside BT Shield is a stable putt and approach disc and the next step up from the Swan. The Shield is designed with a tacky grip in the BT plastics. Compared to Swan, the Shield is a little thicker and has a small bead …


Westside Harp - BT Hard, Medium, Soft

The Westside BT Harp is a straight putter and approach disc. It is designed to withstand any type of condition. It's a very reliable approach disc that will hold in the wind. The BT Soft Harp is very flexible and feels great …


Westside Crown - BT Hard, Medium, Soft

The Westside BT Crown is a stable putt & approach disc for players who like a beaded rim putter, stable flight, and consistency. A stable flyer with good glide makes this disc golf putter a great tool in every bag. Choose…