Millennium Dyed discs are bright and individually dyed for a one of a kind look. Colorful and unique designs by J-Bird. Tell us the colors you like and we'll try to find the right combo to suite your style.

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Millennium Aurora MS - Quantum Dyed (QMS Dyed)

The Millennium Quantum Dyed Aurora MS is a mid range driver - Straight - Stable, and possibly the truest flying disc ever made. It has no rollover, virtually no fade, and surprising distance for a midrange driver. All you hav…


Millennium Orion LF - Sirius Dyed

The Millennium Sirius Dyed Orion LF (Long Fade) is a distance driver with moderate fade (overstability). Off the tee it will slice through a headwind and give you a predictable fade downwind. It delivers great control, incred…


Millennium Orion LS - Sirius Dyed

The Millennium Sirius Dyed Orion LS (Long Straight) is a distance driver that is straight (stable). Unsurpassed combination of distance and accuracy in long straight shots. It will stay straight and long for all but the stron…