Millennium Dyed discs are bright and individually dyed for a one of a kind look. Colorful and unique designs by J-Bird. Tell us the colors you like and we'll try to find the right combo to suite your style.

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Millennium Astra - Standard Dyed

The Millennium Standard Dyed Astra is an ultra long range driver - Long Drift - understable. This wide rim disc is an easy golf disc for beginners to throw. Experienced players will enjoy it as a great specialty driver or rol…


Millennium Aurora MS - Quantum Dyed (QMS Dyed)

The Millennium Quantum Dyed Aurora MS is a mid range driver - Straight - Stable, and possibly the truest flying disc ever made. It has no rollover, virtually no fade, and surprising distance for a midrange driver. All you hav…


Millennium Orion LF - Sirius Dyed

The Millennium Sirius Dyed Orion LF (Long Fade) is a distance driver with moderate fade (overstability). Off the tee it will slice through a headwind and give you a predictable fade downwind. It delivers great control, incred…


Millennium Orion LS - Sirius Dyed

The Millennium Sirius Dyed Orion LS (Long Straight) is a distance driver that is straight (stable). Unsurpassed combination of distance and accuracy in long straight shots. It will stay straight and long for all but the stron…


Millennium Orion LS - Sirius Dyed Flag Designs

These Millennium Sirius Orion LS are beautifully dyed with American Flag Designs. No two are exactly alike. They generally come with straight or wavey stripes. The Millennium Sirius Dyed Orion LS (Long Straight) is a dista…