Latitude 64º Zero Line Golf Discs

The Zero Line is the soft grippy putter plastic used in Latitude 64º putters and approach discs. The plastic is chosen because of the good grip and feel. The feel you need in your short game!

Models may be available in:

  • Zero Hard is for players who want to drive with a putter. Some players just prefer a harder/stiffer putter.
  • Zero Medium is the perfect compromise and can be used both for driving and putting. With good grip, it sits comfortably in your hand even in colder weather.
  • Zero Soft is intended for the optimal short game. It gives your disc the best chance to stick to the chains and safely sink into the basket. For wet and really cold weather it can also serve as a comfortable choice of putter plastic.
  • Zero Megasoft - when Zero Soft is not enough. It's the best grip and sticks in the chains. When it hits the ground it stops with minimal skip.

During 2012, the Eze Line plastic was used and the plan was that it would replace Zero Line. Latitude was not satisfied with the outcome of some of the discs so production in Eze Line material was halted and Zero was brought back in 2013.

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