Discmania P-Line plastic is one of the grippiest plastics out there. Discs have a great feel and added glide. P-Line plastic is typically a bit more understable compared to S- and C-line plastic. As a disc wears down, the flight pattern will vary a bit from the original, becoming less stable.

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Discmania CD (Craze) - P Line

The Discmania P-Line CD (Craze) is an all purpose control driver that is straight and slightly overstable. It has good range and great reliability in most wind conditions. It can be thrown to fly straight for a soft hyzer or …


Discmania DD (Hysteria) - P Line

The Discmania P-Line DD Hysteria is a straight distance driver. It is the first distance driver Discmania produced. It has the reliability of Innova’s Roc but it flies a lot further. The Hysteria provides control with long di…


Discmania DD2 (Frenzy) - P Line

The Discmania Frenzy, DD2 - P Line is a stable distance driver. This is the second distance driver in Dismania's line up and offers tremendous speed combined with good glide and great control! It is a hybrid of Innova’s Katan…


Discmania MD2 (Fiend) - P Line

The Discmania P-Line MD2 Fiend is a straight to slightly overstable mid range driver that is very versatile for recreational as well as touring pro disc golfers. Straight flying, stable, quick and accurate, these discs will h…


Discmania P1 (Maniac) - P Line

There are only a few discs left with the Maniac hot stamp. Please specify 'Maniac stamp' in the color preference field if that is what you prefer. The Discmania P-Line P1 Maniac is a stable putt and approach disc. The P1 f…


Discmania P2 (Psycho) - P Line

The Discmania P-Line P2 Psycho is an overstable beadless putt and approach disc that is significantly more stable than it’s older brother the P1. Targeted especially for pro-players the P2 works great for wrist-putts and fade…


Discmania PD2 (Chaos) - P Line

The Discmania P-Line PD2 Chaos is an overstable long range driver. PD2 is another name for it as it is the 2nd power driver in their line of discs. The PD2 Chaos is like an Innova XCaliber with a little more speed and stabili…