The Discmania G-line is a plastic blend introduced in 2014. A modified version of the S-line which provides great grip, durability and shock-absorbance, the G-Line is a more flexible blend with added glide and a unique look.

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Discmania CD2 (Craze) - G Line

The Discmania G-Line CD2 is a stable distance driver. The CD2 is a close relative of not only the CD, but also the PD. New out of the box, the CD2 will fly like a seasoned PD, being able to fight headwinds and have a reliable…


Discmania DD2 (Frenzy) - G Line

The Discmania G-Line DD2 Frenzy is a stable distance driver. This disc golf driver is the second distance driver in Discmania's line up and offers tremendous speed combined with good glide and great control! It is a hybrid of…


Discmania FD (Jackal) - G Line

The Discmania G-Line FD Jackal is a stable fairway driver, the first true fairway driver for Discmania. The Jackal is a controllable low-speed driver, described to have the flight pattern of a seasoned TeeBird. Its best featu…


Discmania P2 (Psycho) - G Line

The Discmania G-Line P2 Psycho is a slightly overstable beadless putt and approach disc that is significantly more stable than its older brother the P1. Targeted especially for pro-players, the P2 works great for wrist-putts …


Discmania PD (Freak) - G Line

The Discmania G- Line PD Freak is an overstable distance driver, power driver which is very resistant to the wind. The PD has good glide and is useful for sidearms, stable powershots, and long flex shots for experienced playe…


Discmania PD2 (Chaos) - G Line

The Discmania G-Line PD2 Chaos is an overstable power distance driver for experienced players. It's like an Innova XCaliber with a little more speed and stability. It is abnormally fast for the stability it offers, especially…


Discmania TD2 (Fever) - G Line

The Discmania G-Line TD2 Fever is an understable turning distance driver, the most understable (-4 high speed turn) disc in Discmania's line-up. It is a reinvention of the versatile Rush TD. The Fever is best suited for anyon…