The Discmania Evolution product line is being introduced in 2019. It combines industry-leading manufacturing technology and design. Innovation is at the heart of Discmania Evolution products.

The plastic compounds in this line include:

· Exo - a standard plastic with two different flexes
· Neo - a semi translucent, shiny and slightly opaque, grippy premium plastic created by Latitude 64 for Discmania
· Lux - a solid premium plastic

First Run discs, called the Primal Run, will be produced in limited numbers and in one exclusive color, Discmania Orange.

Primal Run discs will sport a special “Evolution” stamp. Regular colors for 2019 are Sky Blue, Pink, Yellow and White.

The 2019 releases include:

· Evolution Instinct - a 165-176g fairway driver in Neo, estimated release is May, 2019
· Evolution Method - a 170-180g mid-range in Neo, estimated release is June, 2019
· Evolution Link - a 170-175g putter in Exo Medium and Hard, estimated release is June or July 2019
· Evolution Enigma - a 165-175g distance driver in Neo, estimated release is July 2019

Discmania Instinct - Evolution Neo Line

The Discmania Evolution Neo Instinct is an overstable fairway driver. It is the first in Discmania’s new Evolution line and the first disc to feature the Evo-Grip, guaranteeing a sure-fire grip. This disc golf driver offers t…