Discs in the DGA RDGA Line weigh in at 150 grams and are extremely easy to throw. The RDGA Line is made up of many of the same molds found in the ProLine and SP Line, however the lighter plastic blend makes them much more beginner friendly.

RDGA plastic provides players with more control and added grip in their beginning phases of disc golf. The lighter plastic means that players throwing with less arm speed will experience better results and learn how to control the flight of a disc more readily. RDGA Line discs are control style discs that are meant to be thrown with more finesse than power. This plastic blend is recommended for children, female golfers, and players new to the sport.

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DGA Flathead Cyclone - RDGA Line

The DGA RDGA Flathead Cyclone is a stable distance driver that is great for all players, especially beginners. It is easy to control whether you’re throwing straight, hyzer or anhyzer. This disc golf disc is a legendary drive…


DGA Line - RDGA 3 Piece Set

The RDGA 3 piece set consists of one RDGA Rogue driver, one RDGA Squall midrange, and one RDGA Reef putter. This disc golf disc set is perfect for players who are just starting out in disc golf. All RDGA discs are designed…


DGA Line - Starter 3 Piece Set

This set includes 1 Rogue - Distance Driver, 1 Squall - Midrange, and 1 Reef - putter and approach, mini puck, starter bag, sticker, score cards and pencils.  DGA Pro Line Rogue is a maximum distan…


DGA Rogue - RDGA Line

The DGA RDGA Line Rogue is a maximum distance driver that combines both control and distance, while maintaining a predictable flight path. For low to medium arm speeds, this disc works perfectly for straight shots that do not…


DGA Squall - RDGA Line

The DGA RDGA LineSquall is a revolutionary midrange driver that is slightly understable. It features a driver-like grip, smooth release, incredible speed and control for hyzer, anhyzer and straight shots. It will hold very lo…


DGA Starter Set - PRO 3 Piece Set

The DGA Pro Line Starter Set includes 1 Rogue - Distance Driver, 1 Squall - Midrange, and 1 Titanic - Putt and Approach disc. DGA Pro Line Rogue is a maximum distance driver that combines both control and di…