Portable disc golf baskets vary in price and function, from heavy duty professional to light-weight recreational. 

The sturdiest are the portable versions of professional heavy duty, park quality baskets used on disc golf courses all over the world. These include the Innova Pro Model DISCatcher, DGA Mach Series Baskets, Discraft Chainstar and Gateway Titan.

The lighter weight yet sturdy all metal recreational portable baskets are great for back yards and can withstand more weather than non-metal baskets if left outdoors. Portable baskets like the Innova Sport Model DISCatcher, DGA M14, Discmania Lite, Gateway Bullseye and Westside Black are great products.

The lightest weight recreational portable baskets can be collapsed, stuffed into their own carrying cases and slung over your shoulder for extreme portability. Examples of these include the Traveler, Skill Shot and Mach Lite. These are great for any back yard, trip to the beach or to make a temporary course. It is not advisable to leave them out in the weather for an extended period of time.

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DGA M-14 - Portable Disc Golf Basket


The M-14 is being discontinued, so get one at this great closeout price while our supply lasts. These will be shipped from our KS location. No drop shipping. The DGA M-14 Portable Practice Disc Golf Basket allows the novic…


DGA Mach Lite - Portable

The DGA Mach Lite is a full size collapsible basket that has a folding upper chain assembly, folding basket and folding support base.  This portable disc golf target is a very compact and lightweight. The DGA Mach Lit…


DGA Mach Shift 3-in-1 - Portable

This is a 'Pre-Order/Pre-Sale,' meaning DGA is allowing this special price now until the official release date, around the first week in Dec. DGA will start shipping about then. Take advantage of this Pre Sale and Pre Order b…


Axiom Pro - Portable

The Axiom Pro Portable Basket brings six bright vivid colors to the MVP Black Hole Pro Portable Basket. The tough powder-coated colors cover the all metal basket from head to toe except for the chains. Otherwise, the specs ar…


DGA Mach II In Ground Installation Kit

The DGA Mach II In Ground Conversion kit offers the Mach II Portable basket to be converted for permanent use, 18" x 2 1/8" tubing cements into the ground. The locking collar attaches to the Mach II basket's center support…


DGA Mach X Portable

The DGA Mach X Portable disc golf basket is free standing and portable. It has a round metal base with an integrated industrial strength wheel that makes moving it around a breeze. Great for back yards, temporary courses or a…


Discraft ChainStar - Portable

The Discraft ChainStar™ Stand Alone disc golf basket is free standing and portable. It has a round metal base with an integrated industrial strength wheel that makes moving it around a breeze. Great for back yards, temporary …


Discraft Chainstar Lite - Portable

Discraft Chainstar Lite - Portable is an affordable basket that was specifically created to meet official PDGA basket specifications. It's one tough portable! The 24 chain configuration consists of 12 inner and 12 outer he…


Dynamic Discs Patriot Basket - Permanent or Portable

The Dynamic Discs Patriot Basket is a championship level PDGA approved disc golf basket that is available as permanent or portable version. Patriot Features: Gloss White color 13 inner and 13 outer galvanized chain…


Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket - Junior

The Dynamic Discs Junior Recruit Basket mimics its bigger counterpart, the Recruit basket. It features 13 zinc-coated chains, a two-piece pole for easy assembly and a sturdy base. With an assembled weight of 28 pounds, the Ju…


Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket - Portable

The Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket is a lightweight metal portable basket. The Recruit has 26 zinc coated strands of chains on two layers, 13 inner and 13 outer. The top, pole, basket and base are electrophoresed first and…


Gateway Bullseye – Portable

The Gateway Bullseye portable disc golf basket is designed to allow players to improve their putting and mid-range games by providing only one 12″ ring of 15 chains on top, thus a smaller target. It easily assembles and disas…


Gateway Titan Pro-24 – Portable

The Gateway Titan 24-chain Portable basket is a very rugged practice basket. It assembles/disassembles without pins or hardware for easy transport. The top and base are powder-coated red; the basket part is powder-coated…


Innova DISCatcher Pro Model - Portable

The Innova Portable Pro Model DISCatcher comes with a galvanized metal base and quick release screws allowing you to disassemble it and transport with ease. It is perfect for use at home, as a demonstration basket or to add a…


Innova DISCatcher Sport Model - Portable

The Innova DISCatcher Sport is easily portable and can be moved from location to location with minimum effort. It is available in four hammer-finish colors: red, white, blue and the traditional Innova yellow. Pound some serio…


Innova DISCatcher Traveler - Portable

The Innova DISCatcher Traveler is ready to accompany you on all your Disc Golf expeditions. It's simple one-action set up makes setting up and taking down a breeze. Pentagonal shape provides a more natural looking and c…


Innova Skill Shot - Portable

The Innova Skill Shot is built for action! Play Disc Golf at campouts, parties, or in your own backyard. Perfect for phys ed programs and gym classes. Fun for all age groups. Great way to add holes to your course for tourname…


KanJam Mini Set

KanJam MINI is the Ultimate indoor/outdoor game. Play it Everywhere! Great for Dorm Room, Rec Room, Patio, Basement, Hallways, Parties, Tailgating, Beach and more! TWO WAYS TO PLAY! Team members take turns throwing and …


KanJam Set

KanJam is a fun outdoor game that can be played in the backyard, at the beach or any other outdoor location. The components consist of two official high impact plastic goals that roll up for easy storage and one official KanJ…


Liberty Basket

The Liberty Disc Golf Basket is a heavy-duty, PDGA approved, permanent or portable target that's equally at home in your yard or on the course. The Liberty basket comes as a permanent configuration with an in-ground kit an…


Lightning DB-5


Holiday Special! $190.00 + Shipping - Black Friday through December 20th The Lightning DB-5 disc golf target has a portable base and is Lightning's original basket. Built like a tank! Features: Every piece of stee…


MVP Black Hole Macro

MVP is ready to simultaneously create and shake up Macro Disc Golf! The MVP Black Hole Macro Basket is essentially a 3/4-scale disc golf basket standing 39" tall with an 18" diameter complete with two tiers of 12 chains ea…


MVP Black Hole Micro

The MVP Black Hole Micro Basket - With a height of 6.5 and width of 3.5 inches, the 0.8 lb. Micro is a perfect basket for coins and bottle caps.  Its construction is high quality like its full-size Black Hole® family, an…


MVP Black Hole Portal - Portable

The MVP Black Hole™ Portal Portable Basket is the flagship model in the Black Hole Basket Series. It is a heavy duty back yard practice basket and can be used as a temporary basket for tournaments. It is built for disc golf c…


MVP Black Hole Practice - Portable

The MVP Black Hole™ Practice Portable Basket - designed for high quality, light weight, and affordability. This light weight metal disc golf basket has two tiers of light-duty chains equidistantly oriented for reducing cut th…