The Lightning DB3 is the permanent version of the DB5 portable basket. Built like a tank, it's a heavy duty park quality basket, but the pole is slightly narrower in diameter than other heavy permanent baskets. It has the most bang for the buck.

The DB3 is available in two versions:

  • Not Removable - designed to be cemented directly into the ground. These baskets are not easily removable.
  • Removable - An anchor (installation tube) with a locking tab is cemented directly into the ground. A locking collar attaches to the pole. The pole with locking collar fits into the anchor then tabs lock together.
  • The portable version is the DB5 .

View it in the heavy baskets comparison video, read more details in the product description and then contact us for expert advice, multiple basket rates and accurate shipping quotes. Because the DB3 is packaged in a box plus the pole(s), the shopping cart will not calculate the shipping correctly. Thanks!

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