Innova Disc Golf Baskets

Whether you're looking to install a championship course, or just a target for your backyard, Innova has a solution for you!

The Innova DISCatcher® Pro with its powder-coated chain rack is one of the most recognizable disc golf targets in the world and designed to stand the test of time with galvanized pole, chains, and basket. It was chosen by course designer, John Houck, for "Lakeside" and "Creekside" courses at Selah Ranch near Mt. Vernon TX which were rated by Disc Golf Course Review as the top two best disc golf courses in the world, 2013.

The DISCatcher® Sport is a great practice basket, and can also serve as a target for temp courses, camps, schools and home.

The DISCatcher® Traveler is Innova's lightest weight portable disc golf target, weighs only 15 pounds and sets up with one easy action.

The SkillShot™ is designed to go anywhere, weighs just 26 pounds and folds to the size of a golf umbrella.

The DISCatcher® Mini Target is great for trophies or mini disc golf.

See all Innova baskets in our comparison videos and read product descriptions. Contact us if you have questions, want multiple baskets rates or accurate shipping quotes since unfortunately, the shopping cart will not calculate the shipping correctly for baskets with poles. Thanks!

Innova DISCatcher Mini - Pro

This Innova DISCatcher® Mini Target is a scaled down version of Innova's Pro DISCatcher disc golf basket. It is great for tournament trophies or mini golf with friends. The DISCatcher® Mini is available in hammer finish Yello…


Innova DISCatcher Mini Game Set

This Innova DISCatcher® Mini Game Set is a scaled down version of Innova's Pro DISCatcher. It is compact, portable, easy to setup, and includes 5 mini discs. Great for your backyard, around the house, or the office. This mini…


Innova DISCatcher Pro Model - Permanent

The Innova Permanent Pro Model DISCatcher is Permanent and Removable. It Includes: * Quality materials - galvanized steel, galvanized chains, powder coated stainless steel, and stainless steel hardware mean the DISCatcher®…


Innova DISCatcher Pro Model - Portable

The Innova Portable Pro Model DISCatcher comes with a galvanized metal base and quick release screws allowing you to disassemble it and transport with ease. It is perfect for use at home, as a demonstration basket or to add a…


Innova DISCatcher Sport - Portable 18 Chain

The Innova DISCatcher Sport is easily portable and can be moved from location to location with minimum effort. It is available in four hammer-finish colors: red, white, blue and the traditional Innova yellow. Pound some serio…


Innova DISCatcher Sport - Portable 24 Chain

The Innova DISCatcher Sport24 has more chains for better catching. This portable disc golf basket features 24 galvanized chains (18 outer, 6 inner), just what you should expect in a pro-level target. 24 chains (18 outer…


Innova DISCatcher Traveler - Portable

The Innova DISCatcher Traveler is ready to accompany you on all your Disc Golf expeditions. It's simple one-action set up makes setting up and taking down a breeze. Pentagonal shape provides a more natural looking and c…


Innova Skill Shot - Portable

The Innova Skill Shot is built for action! Play Disc Golf at campouts, parties, or in your own backyard. Perfect for phys ed programs and gym classes. Fun for all age groups. Great way to add holes to your course for tourname…