Disc Golf Towch

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Our Price: $10.00

A Towch® is a simple, but ingenious product. It's a Pouch. It's a Towel. And it can even be a hat!

The smooth outside is high strength cotton. The inside is a course, looped cotton fabric for textured cleaning power. To use it, you simply put your disc in it and wipe it clean without getting your hands dirty. You can even turn it inside out to pick up your disc and never touch the wet, dirty or muddy thing with your hand. A really wet disc can simply be left inside to dry until you need it again. The Towch is 12.75" tall by 10.5" wide.

How is a Towch better than a towel?

  • You can put your disc inside a Towch but not a towel.
  • Use it as an add-on putter pocket or storage space.
  • Wear a Towch as a hat! Keep it dry (and clean) for a nice set of warm ears in winter.
  • Wet it in the heat of summer for a nice cool wrap.
  • Use it for casual rounds as a 3-disc bag for your driver, midrange and putter.
  • Wear it on your belt loop using the included carabiners.
  • Makes your old-standard cleaning device seam lacking, huh?
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Love my purple Towch®! They are so awesome! So many uses.. And I think of more daily. I even use mine to put my hair up in while showering. So it can start to dry while I wash the rest of my body... haha.
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