Dry hand products are essential disc golf accessories, a must during humid or rainy conditions. Keep your hands and discs dry so you don't miss that putt or botch that drive! A Birdie Bag, Bogey Free Bag or Tite Grip will do the trick.

Tite-Grip for Dry Hands

TITE-GRIP is a topical antiperspirant lotion that can be applied to the hands and/or feet or under the arms. Since moisture from perspiration or rain can affect the grip, touch, and feel of your golf disc, you want …


Bogey Free Bags

Bogey Free Bags absorb moisture to keep your hands dry while playing disc golf. They are made of clay pellets which absorb considerably more moisture and give off less powder than wood products used in similar types of bags. …


Birdie Bags

The Birdie Bag has become a staple in disc golf. Grip, touch and feel are very essential in the game. Perspiration or a wet golf disc can wreak havoc with your throw. Birdie bags are the solution. These cloth bags are fil…