Three physical factors that in common and occurring simultaneously affect a disc’s performance allowing it to stay in flight,

  • Aerodynamics - a Gyro-stabilized disc spins longer, maintaining it's flight-optimizing orientation and aerodynamic lift while resisting dragL
  • Linear momentum - the inertia of a Gyro rim maintains the momentum of the release
  • Angular momentum - the gyroscopic effect which holds a spinning disc on its axis of flight is boosted by the Gyro weighted rim


MVP designs are developed with all three of these factors in mind and enhanced with GYRO™ Technology to make high performance disc golf disc. The goal at MVP Disc Sports is to produce golf discs of the highest quality and unequaled performance.

Aerodynamics to allow the disc to stay in flight by means of Bernoulli’s principle.

Linear momentum is a disc’s ability to maintain a forward traveling energy as a result of its mass and traveling velocity. This linear momentum is coupled with

Angular momentum, also known as the gyroscopic effect, is the third aspect of disc flight that is the result of a disc’s rotating mass which keeps it spinning on its axis of rotation so that the disc will be aerodynamically supported in flight.

The amount of angular momentum is determined by a disc’s moment of inertia. Increasing a disc’s moment of inertia will increase its angular momentum and allow it to be maintained longer throughout its flight. MVP's GYRO™ Technology is a design that is produced through a two-step molding process allowing the outer ring to be made with a heavier material. The process of transferring mass away from the axis of rotation increases the disc’s moment of inertia at parabolic proportions.

Since linear and angular momentum and aerodynamics act upon each other simultaneously, an enhanced gyroscopic effect will improve all aspects of disc flight. Increased angular momentum of a disc in flight will allow the disc to stay on its rotational axis for a longer period of time, which means that its aerodynamic properties will be better exhibited for a longer period of time. When a thrower uses MVP discs, they will be able to achieve straighter, longer, and more accurate results.

All of the aforementioned elements of physics are very important in disc golf, and all of them are considered equally in all MVP designs. Their products are designed to enhance aerodynamics, linear momentum, and angular momentum to the greatest extent, so that they are the best performing in all aspects of disc golf.

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