DGA, the company that brought you Disc Golf, offer two disc golf bags to fit many needs. The smaller one is a great starter bag or small bag for traveling. The larger bag offers a multiple of unique features including a hard shell protective "Shield Pocket" that keeps valuables safe and dry.

View the Starter bag in our Small Bag Comparison video. The Shield bag is not featured in a video. Contact us for friendly expert advice if you have more questions.

DGA Elite Shield Disc Golf Bags


The DGA Elite Shield Disc Golf Bags features a hard case protective "Shield Pocket" that will keep your valuables safe and dry. Comes with Gel-Foam back padding, foam insulated beverage pocket and a PVC diamond-plated water r…

DGA Gel-Strapz


DGA Gel-Strapz backpack straps for your disc golf bag offer advanced features, improved comfort and durability that help redistribute the weight of your bag. The Gel-Strapz™ integrated suspension and advanced gel foam padding…

DGA Starter Disc Golf Bags


The DGA Disc Golf Starter bagshave quality and durability needed for an everyday disc dolf bag. * Holds up to 10 discs * One main compartment -10 " tall x 9 " wide x 4.5 deep * Weighs 1 lb, 1 oz * Heavy duty water…