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Vibram is well known for quality, performance, and innovation of rubber products. It is uniquely qualified to offer disc golf products that capitalize on the superior resilience of rubber.

Vibram golf discs are the only rubber based compression molded golf discs on the market and offer grip and durability. Extra durability comes from the natural resiliency of rubber and enhanced memory provided by compression molding. The rubber also provides superior grip across all weather conditions. Comfortable, dependable grip, durability and disc design result in improved performance and more consistent _x005Fflights over the long life of their discs which are available in these lines:

X-Link is a unique rubber-based compound which resists scuffs, has incredible durability, unequaled grip and a stronger memory.  If you do manage to bend it out of shape, it will work its way back.
X-Link Firm is a special blend designed to maximize the firmness of the disc while maintaining as much of the grip and durability that is found in the base X-Link material.
X-Link Soft is a niche rubber-based compound that is the closest to pure rubber of Vibram’s three materials. In the putter line it flies well and will hit and stick, minimizing deflections. It is a special run made once a year, usually in late September, early October. Ask us to order some X-Link Soft discs for you well before production time.

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