Stanford University engineering instructor Alan Adler founded Superflight (now Aerobie, Inc.) in 1984 to manufacture and sell his newly invented Aerobie Pro flying ring. Since then, 12 additional Aerobie brand products have been introduced to provide exciting performance while encouraging physical activity involving skill and exercise. The inventor’s initial objective was to invent a better “Frisbee.” Among our favorites are the Epic and Arrow disc golf discs, the Pro and Sprint Rings and the Orbiter boomerang. Get some and then go out and have some fun!

Aerobie Squidgie


Holiday Special! 10% off through 12/20 The aerodynamic design of the Aerobie Squidgie disc's spoiler rim makes it easy for people of all skill levels to throw accurately, so it's great for everyone right from the get go. N…


Aerobie Sprint 10" Ring

Aerobie Sprint 10" Ring -- Compact and lightweight, the Aerobie Sprint ring flies twice as far as conventional flying discs for awesome games of catch. Its smaller size is its only distinction from the otherwise identical …


Aerobie Pro 13" Ring

Aerobie Pro 13" Ring -- For truly exhilarating games of catch, the Pro ring has no equals. You can actually play catch with a friend more than 100 yards away. The soft rubber edge makes catching soft and easy. Even toda…


Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

The Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang is high performance outdoor boomerang. The Aerobie Orbiter flies out about 90 feet and then it really does come back! The Orbiter boomerang combines a high tech triangular design with a bright co…