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Prodigy H5 - 400G Series

Prodigy H5 - 400G Series
Prodigy H5 - 400G Series
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Prodigy H5 - 400G Series
Prodigy H5 - 400G Series
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Prodigy H5 - 400G Series

The Prodigy 400G H5 is a stable to understable hybrid distance driver. This brand new, fast flying disc golf driver has plenty of speed to spare, and provides great flip up from hyzer glide. When thrown properly, the mid-flight glide is amazing. Distance matched with dependability will make this disc a favorite for beginner and advanced players. Predictable flip will allow it to become a go-to for rollers and left to right tunnel shots for advanced and professional players.

H5 Specs:
Diameter: 21.3cm
Height: 1.7cm
Rim Depth: 1.2cm
Rim Width: 2.0cm
Min Weight: 170g
Max Weight: 176g
Stability: Stable to Understable

H Series discs are longer and faster than Prodigy's fairways drivers but slower and more accurate than their high speed drivers. H Series discs range in speeds from 9-11 and over time will be available in a range from H1 to H8.

400G series is 400 plastic mixed with another resin giving it a slightly different feel. The additive also makes the disc more durable and requires more time to break it in.

What others have said:

"It´s a really, really good disc. It´s really exciting¨, he said. ¨Even if you don’t throw hard, you can throw it straight, or flex it a little bit.” - Core Team member and 3 times United States Disc Golf Champion, Will Schusterick

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