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Dynamic Discs Prime Starter Set - 3 Disc Set and Cadet Bag

Dynamic Discs Prime Starter Set - 3 Disc Set and Cadet Bag
Dynamic Discs Prime Starter Set - 3 Disc Set and Cadet Bag

The Dynamic Discs Prime 3 Disc Starter Set and Cadet Bag has everything a new disc golfer needs. It comes with a disc golf driver, mid range, disc golf putter, and a Cadet bag.

Discs Included:

  • Prime Witness (Driver)
  • Prime Evidence (Mid Range)
  • Prime Judge (Putter)

The Prime Witness is an understable fairway driver great for players with lower arm speed. An understable flight path and tremendous glide make the Witness an excellent choice for players looking to gain distance without sacrificing accuracy. Bigger arms can use this disc golf driver for controlled anhyzers, hyzerflips, and rollers.

Speed 8, Glide 6, Turn -3, Fade 1

The Prime Evidence is a slightly understable mid range driver that is beginner friendly and very controllable. Where the Verdict and the Truth take care of your straight to overstable mid range needs, the Evidence will handle the other side of the spectrum. It will hold the anhyzer angle through a full glide while slowly coming back to a flat flight. The Verdict, Truth, and Evidence feel very similar in the hand with complementary flights to carve around any obstacle you face.

Speed 5, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 0

The Prime Judge is an overstable putt & approach disc. It is your go-to putter in all conditions. This very versatile disc golf putter holds a line and finishes straight on approach shots as well. You will find that the Judge will glide amazing distances.

Speed 2, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 1

Prime is the most affordable line, great for beginners looking to try the game. It has an incredible feel and excellent grip.

Bag Features:

  • Holds 8-10 discs in the main compartment
  • 2 putters in the putter pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Includes adjustable shoulder strap
  • Mesh pocket for scorecard, pencils, and minis
  • Drink holder will hold your average 20 ounce water bottle

Disc weights and colors will vary. Most sets will come with discs 170g or heavier. Bag color will vary.

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