Axiom Neutron Tenacity

Limited Edition Marmoset Design

MSRP: $19.99

Our Price: $18.95

The Limited Edition Axiom Neutron Tenacity by artist Marmoset features a triple-foil stamp on a limited number of only 1,000 discs. For the last decade the disc golf forum world has enjoyed Marmoset's art on his personal bag and a string of commissions and stamps. He's become known for his insanely detailed and expressive work with a sharpie on plastic. Axiom let him loose on their industry-leading triple-foil stamping process and the result is the very picture of tenacity - a fish fighting for its life with a hook in each side.

The Axiom Neutron Tenacity is an understable distance driver in the high-speed 23mm distance class. Average and developing throwers find the Tenacity to be a highly usable straight-with-fade driver, while expert throwers need to call upon their expertise to adjust hyzer angle and shot height. With proper form the Tenacity easily qualifies as "sneaky long." It is best compared to a worn MVP Catalyst and features the familiar evenly domed top to promote distance-covering glide.

Like its name implies, the Tenacity fights to stay in the air. With less power its fading tendency shows more.

Tenacity Model Specs:
Class: 23mm Distance Driver
Weights: 165g - 175g
Diameter: 21.1cm
Rim width: 23mm
PDGA max weight: 175.1g

Neutron Plastic is a premium material for look and feel, has the same great durability characteristics of Proton plastic and vivid high-contrast opaque colors.

About Color and Availability - This model may not be available in all colors. Likewise, each weight range may not be available in all colors. Therefore we ask you to list and prioritize your color preferences to give us guidance if the color or weight range you want happens to be unavailable. Feel free to contact us if you need more specific info.

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