Putters and Approach disc golf discs are thicker than drivers and have rounded or blunt edges. Chains can easily grab and drop them into the basket. They are slower and don't fly as far as drivers. They are designed specifically for short drives, controlled approaches and dependable putts.

Westside Putters are made with BT plastic.

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Westside Swan 2 - BT

The Westside BT Swan 2 is a straight to slightly overstable putter. The Swan 2 holds the line a little better than the Swan 1 and can be used in the wind with success. It will give all players that long straight putt they are…

Westside Shield - BT

The Westside BT Shield is a stable to slightly overstable disc golf putter and the next step up from the Swan. The Shield is designed with a tacky grip in the BT plastics. Compared to Swan, the Shield is a little thicker and …

Westside Harp - BT

The Westside BT Harp is a straight putter made with BT plastic (formerly Eco1). It is designed to withstand any type of conditions. It will hold in the wind. The BT Soft Harp is very flexible and feels great in your hand. Use…