Westside Sampo - VIP

MSRP: $16.95

Our Price: $14.95

The Westside VIP Sampo is a stable fairway driver that has good glide with minimal effort. It has a very neutral flight path which makes it excellent for long, straight, low shots. This disc golf disc gets great distance with minimal effort due to>its great glide and how smoothly it comes out of the hand. The Sampo is PDGA approved.

Speed: 10 Glide: 5 Turn: 0 Fade: 2

Official Specifications:

Max weight 176,0 gram.
Diameter 21,2 cm.
Height 1,9 cm.
Rim depth 1,2 cm.
Rim thickness 2,1 cm.
Inside rim diameter 17,0 cm.
Rim depth/diameter ratio 5,7
Flight plane thickness 0,2 cm.
Flight plane to rim plane distance 1,7 cm.
Rim configuration 34,75
Flexibility 7,14
PDGA certificate number 15-51

Available in VIP plastic 170-175 grams

VIP plastic is transparent, super-durable, maintains flight characteristics and reliability for a long time, provides excellent performance.

About Color and Availability - This model may not be available in all colors. Likewise, each weight range may not be available in all colors. Therefore we ask you to list and prioritize your color preferences to give us guidance if the color or weight range you want happens to be unavailable. Feel free to contact us if you need more specific info.

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