Vibram VP - X-LINK Medium Granite

Our Price: $24.00

The Vibram X-Link Medium Granite VP is the introductory disc golf disc from Vibram. It is an overstable putt and approach disc that handles a head wind and gives a predictable, consistent fade. This is one of the strongest driving putters ever created making it a great driver for those shorter drives requiring pinpoint accuracy. Engineered to perform as a hyzer putter, it is very predictable in windy conditions. Off the tee, it is best controlled by power throwers. On the green, everyone should have success. The VP is preferred by lob putters and hyzer putters and is designed for advanced players.

Fade 24, Speed 250' at 60 mph, Turn 2

Vibram Plastic Characteristics
The X-Link Medium material is a unique rubber-based compound which resists scuffs, has incredible durability and unequaled grip. Additionally, X-Link has a strong memory. If you do manage to bend it out of shape, in all likelihood it will work its way back.

X-Link Granite is Vibram's take on the cool, individual aesthetic look in the tie dye tradition. The micro chunked discs have four base colors, although a select few have up to seven.

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