Mid range drivers are thicker than fairway and distance drivers. Their profiles are less sharp. They don't fly as fast or as far and they are easier to control than fairway and distance drivers. Great for players with little or no experience as well as top pros. And they make great multi-purpose discs meaning a player can play the entire course with just one disc.

MVP mid range drivers come in vivid colors. The profiles of the overmold rims are more blunt than fairway drivers.

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MVP Tangent - Neutron

The MVP Neutron Tangent is a slightly understable midrange driver. Low power throwers will find this disc to be great for easy neutral lines and effortless glide. The Tangent features a smooth profile that offers a sleek, mod…

MVP Tensor - Neutron

The MVP Neutron Tensor is an overstable midrange driver. The Tensor will exhibit reliable high-speed stability for power throwers and is great for approach shots on windy days. The Tensor has outstanding glide coupled with it…