Millennium Omega AP - Standard

MSRP: $13.99

Our Price: $10.95

The Millennium Standard Omega AP is a putt and approach disc that flies straight. Compared to the Millennium Omega SS, it is made from stiffer, super grip material for when you want to lay up to the basket. Made to improve your approach game, it's a straight flyer with a great feel and great durability. It's also a tremendous putter for disc golf players who prefer a putter that's more firm but still sticky.

The Omega makes a great putter and approach disc because it gives you total control of angle, direction, and pace – the keys to success in the short game. Even if you’re outside your putting range, the Omega has the precision to get up-and-down.

Try the Omega in Quantum for greater durability, or in Sirius plastic for the best grip/durability combination.
Millennium (Stnd) - Omega APStraight170-175
Millennium - Omega SuperSoftStraight150 Class, 151-175
Quantum - Q-MegaStraight165-175
Quantum Dyed - Q-MegaStraight173-175
Sirius OmegaStraight150 Class, 151-175
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