Latitude 64º Frost Line Discs

The Latitude 64 Frost Line plastic is very similar to Opto Line but with higher flexibility and stickier grip. Flexible and durable, Frost will maintain its shape in cold weather and won't melt in your hand on a sunny day.

Frost was developed in the far north of the world to make discs work better on those chilly fall rounds. It's great in warmer conditions for people who like a soft premium plastic. It offers a sticky, grippier feel compared to Opto Line, which is pretty grippy to begin with. Like their other premium plastics, Frost will take a severe beating over long periods of time in most conditions.

David Feldberg's comments about the Frost line:

So I just received the first Frost discs from Sweden. Latitude 64° has come out with a new line of plastic that is super flexible in all weather. I tested the Claymore, Diamond Light, and the River. They are designed to stay flexible in cold weather so I stuck them in the refrigerator and they stayed just as gummy. Then I took them out to the desert in 90 plus temperatures and gave them their first flights. Funny thing is that they maintained the same flexibility that they did in my refrigerator. They had a great grip and seemed to fly more stable than our other plastics.

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