Innova Champion Color Glow Gator

Discs Unlimited Open 2016

MSRP: 24.95

Our Price: $20.00

This CFR Innova Champion Glow Gator is once again raising funds for the 2016 Discs Unlimited Open. This version is unique in that it's available for the first time in COLORS! All are 175 grams in various shades of blue-green and pink.

The Innova Champ Glow Gator is an overstable mid range driver. Even in windy conditions, the Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots. This is a great disc golf disc for mid range shots especially for players who need to control their power and increase their accuracy. It is very reliable and has a predictable finish.

It is a great choice for power players, breezy days, sidearm shots, spike approaches, and medium range headwind drives.

Speed 5, Glide 2, Turn 0, Fade 3

Available weights: 175 grams

"The Gator is the Firebird of mid range discs. I like it because it is slow, overstable, and easy to control. Perfect for upshots in the wind." - Ricky Wysocki

"A very reliable, stable midrange. I use the Gator for short hyzer shots in the wind. Also, on down hill holes where I don’t want a lot of carry. I also use it for upshots when it’s extremely windy." - Micah Dorius

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