Innova Mako - Champion Glow

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Our Price: $16.00

The Innova Champion Glow Mako is a mid range driver that is straight. It is a large diameter disc and Innova's straightest flying and straightest finishing mid range driver. It has the flight characteristic of a putter with the glide and speed of a mid-range disc. A great performing golf disc that can take and hold the angle of release. Throw it flat, it goes straight, give it some angle and you can get it to go right or left. Turnover shots stay turned over and hyzer shots stay hyzer. Excellent for staying on narrow fairways and threading through forests. It works great for beginners with a friendly grip, good glide, and straight flights. It will also impress top players with its solid performance regardless of power. Players are always looking for an out-of-the box straight flyer. This is it.

It is a great choice for stable straight shots, slight-hyzer shots, mid-range sidearm disc. Throw it hard, it is not afraid. Throw it smooth, that works too. This is a great woods disc and works like a driver without the skip when it lands. Beginner friendly.

Speed 4, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 0

Champion GlowStraight160-175 grams
Echo StarStraight165-180

"I absolutely LOVE this disc! The Star Mako allows me to hit some the most pure, straight lines of any disc I've ever thrown, with glide that approaches a fairway driver. The newer runs (the Champion plastic in particular) are far domier and less stable. Flatter seems to be better!" - Gregg Hosfeld

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