Innova 3 PC Boxed Set - AMWD

Limited - One Time Deal!

Our Price: $40.00

These Innova AMWD 3pc-Sets were given to participants of the Amateur World Doubles, held at Selah Ranch and Trey Deuce TX Ranch, in their Player Packs.

BUT.... Never again will these boxes be used and never again will an Innova Sponsored Event feature these in the player packs.

What is unique about these AMWD player packs is that the discs were assembled in Innova's 3pc-set boxes. The rectangular boxes, which for years have been used for DX and Champion 3pc Sets, have been discontinued for smaller boxes that are more efficient for retail shelf space.

Innova decided to do something special with these boxes and for the AMWD event which they sponsored. They boxed up the player pack discs in them. After realizing the unpredicted amount of extra time and trouble it took to assemble them, they said never again.

So, these 2017 AMWD Player Pack discs in this rectangular, shrink-wrapped 3pc-set box turned out to be a one time deal making them a very limited collectible item. Never again will these boxes be used and never again will an Innova Sponsored Event present them in the player packs.

The AMWD Player Pack 3pc-Set includes:

  • Star Aviar3 with "Made in the USA" "Supporting Disc Golf One Event at a Time" logo
  • Star Shryke with the 2017 Amateur World Doubles Championship logo
  • Champion Roc3 with the Innova Peace Sign logo

There is no way to see the weights of the discs without removing the shrink-wrap.

You may request color preferences in the comment section during check-out, but you most likely will not be able to get all three discs in the exact colors you want. There are no gray Star Aviar3 left.

Based on the demand for these collectible items, quantities may be limited without prior notice and the price is subject to change without notice.

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