Putters and Approach disc golf discs are thicker than drivers and have rounded or blunt edges. Chains can easily grab and drop them into the basket. These Innova Putter and Approach discs are Speed 1 - 3. They are slower and don't fly as far as drivers.

Innova Putt and Approach discs are designed specifically for dependable, accurate, and confidence inspiring putting and making short drives, short controlled upshots and “go for it” shots. A variety of models and plastics accommodate unique putting styles and grip preferences. They offer players of all skill levels predictability and performance around the target. They also provide an exceptional amount of control for professional level players performing short drives and mid range shots. The Aviar has been used by more World Champions than all other disc models combined.

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We offer these ways to narrow your search. The more understable and stable discs are great for beginners while the overstable discs are better for experienced players.

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